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Kitty Distempaid™

Kitty Distempaid is excellent for feline distemper prevention and treatment!Kitty Distempaid Vibactra Plus can help your kitten overcome the battle  of the dreadful disease feline distemper.
The natural organic herbs have have been tested and proven beneficial in the treatment and prevention of the feline
distemper disease.  MORE Info>>

Certified Organic Ingredients

What is Distemper?             Feline distemper aka (Panleukopenia) is a viral disease affecting domestic cats and all other felids  (e.g., lions, tigers, and   other wild cats) as well as raccoons,     and mink.  Feline distemper usually     affects kittens less than one year of    age. However, kittens that are born to affected queens (infected in utero) or infected very shortly after birth may display tremors, have a very high   stepping gait, stand with their feet very  far apart, or even fall down while   standing or walking.  MORE Feline Distemper Information>>

Certified Organic Ingredients


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Natural effective treatment
& prevention for feline distemper!

Extra precautions you
can take for your furry
feline friend!

We recommend giving Vibactra Plus
to your kitten in conjunction with the  Kitty Distempaid remedy.    Vibactra Plus is designed to  work on viral and  bacterial infections, so    it will help eliminate  the feline distemper virus, plus prevent secondary infections.

We are not vet's, but
we have worked with many distemper kittens. Many have asked for us  to put together helpful ideas, thoughts, and experience in healing distemper kittens.   As such, this is the beginning of our    feline distemper information.

More Feline Distemper Treatment Information>>


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