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     Kitty Distempaid


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Kitty Distempaid (formerly known as FELINE DISTEMPER)

Kitty Distempaid is a natural organic herbal remedy that helps your kitten or cat overcome feline distemper, also known as: feline panleukopenia (FP), feline infectious enteritis, cat typhoid, and cat fever. This Kitty Distempaid natural remedy will ease gastrointestinal distress, gas, cramping, vomiting, and bloody diarrhea. Kitty Distempaid contains organic herbs that calm and soothe the digestive tract, as well as boost the immune system and help fight the feline panleukopenia virus.

Certified Organic Ingredients

This natural Kitty Distempaid remedy is also useful for vomiting, bloody diarrhea, corona, e-coli, and giardia. Kitty Distempaid helps build the immune system (especially good for kittens who are weaning from their mother - in this situation you can give "Kitty Distempaid" once a day). Kitty Distempaid can help stop the vomiting and diarrhea caused by environment or diet changes, stress, and ease travel discomfort, bloat, gas, and in some cases it helps alleviate bad breath.

Panleukopenia destroys tissues in the body including white blood cells. This leaves the kitten open for growth of bacteria or viruses.  We recommend giving Vibactra Plus in conjunction with the Kitty Distempaid remedy to help kill the distemper virus and prevent secondary viral or bacterial infections. Vibactra Plus is designed to work on viral, bacterial, fungal, and single celled organisms.  No traditional antibiotic on the market can compete with this terrific natural antibiotic Vibactra Plus.

It helps to suppress viral and bacterial infections while a kitten is in this susceptible state. Vitamin C can be given along with the Kitty Distempaid and Vibactra Plus treatment. For large cats 250 milligrams per hour and for kittens 100 milligrams per hour while the cat is in the feverish state will help to build the immune system back up.

Once the fever is down and the cat can hold down food, you can start feeding solid food. Raw beef or chicken liver for 2-3 days is a tonic for cats. We find our cats prefer chicken liver to beef liver. Avoid chilling for several days afterwards and continue with the Kitty Distempaid four times per day, Vibactra Plus twice a day and Vitamin C twice a day for a couple of weeks to prevent a relapse.

Kitty Distempaid consists of organic human grade herbs:

Peppermint Leaf ~ Helps calm an upset stomach.

Spearmint Leaf ~ Helps calm an upset stomach.

Plantain ~ Has antibiotic properties, but its' main use in Kitty Distempaid is to soothe inflamed tissues in the intestinal tract.

Chamomile ~ Relaxes and tones the nervous system, relieves gas and colic pains, relieves cramps in abdomen and legs, promotes proper digestion, and can help the body remove excess mucous in sinuses and lungs.

Barley ~ Used medicinally to heal stomach and colon disorders, duodenal ulcers, ulcerative colitis and is an effective anti-inflammatory.

Echinacea ~ Builds the immune system.

Oregon Grape Root ~ An antimicrobial which kills viruses and bacteria in the blood stream.

Couch Grass ~ It's demulcent properties soothe irritation and inflammation.

Rose Hips ~ Good for all infections, helps combat stress, natural source of vitamin C.

Garlic ~ A good source of sulfur which gives it it's antibiotic properties.

Goldenseal Root ~ An antimicrobial, kills viruses and bacteria. It works mainly in the intestinal tract. Golden seal contains hydrastis, which can cause miscarriage.

Hibiscus Flowers ~ Helps alleviate nausea.

Cat Mint Leaf ~ A powerful diaphoretic in any feverish condition, it relieves dyspepsia, flatulence and colic. Used as an enema to cleanse and heal the lower bowel.

Alcohol ~ To bring out the properties in the herbs and preserve the tincture.

Distilled Water

Kitty Distempaid has a 4-year shelf life and will treat approximately 6 kittens.

Suggested use for feline distemper kittens:

Animal Weight

Kitty Distempaid


Under 1 lb.

2 drops

1/4 teaspoon

2 lbs.

2 drops

2/3 teaspoon

3 lbs.

4 drops

1 teaspoon

4 to 10 lbs.

5 drops

2 teaspoons

11 to 20 lbs.

10 drops

1 tablespoon

21 lbs. and up

15 drops

2 tablespoons


**Suggested Use for larger felines such as lions, tigers, etc.: Add an additional 5 drops of the Kitty Distempaid for each additional 100 pounds of the animal's body weight to each dose AND 1 tbsp. of pedialyte for every additional ten (10) pounds of body weight. Please note: 100 drops = 1 tsp.; 50 drops = 1/2 tsp.; 25 drops = 1/4 tsp. A one (1) ounce bottle of Kitty Distempaid contains approximately 1,080 drops and a 4 ounce bottle contains approximately 4,320 drops.

Suggested use for Feline Distemper: Select proper dosage of Kitty Distempaid and mix with pedialyte. Give this mixture orally every 15 minutes for the first hour. Then every hour on the hour afterwards until the cat or kitten is eating on its own. Once the cat or kitten is eating, give Kitty Distempaid 4 times a day for 2 days and give Vibactra Plus 2x/day for 2 days to prevent a relapse .

Suggested Kitty Distempaid Preventative Use: Give Kitty Distempaid orally 4 times daily for 5 days and give Vibactra Plus twice a day for 5 days. Nine times out of ten this preventative treatment will prevent the kitten(s) from coming down with the feline distemper disease, if dosed as soon as you know they have been exposed.

Suggested Kitty Distempaid Use: For occasional vomiting, diarrhea, or mild intestinal issues caused by change of diet or environment, give Kitty Distempaid orally 4x/day, until improvement is seen.  Kittens that fail to thrive can be given Kitty Distempaid at every bottle feeding, as early as one day of age, if needed.

Shake Well Before Use. NOTE: The Kitty Distempaid and Vibactra Plus remedies are working fabulously for all feline distemper cases to date, January 7, 2007, including kitty rescues, with a 98% success rate, even when the kitty's veterinarian didn't hold out much hope for the kitten. If dosed according to directions, recovery begins nearly immediately and within 24 to 48 hours kittens are eating on their own again.

Treating a litter of kittens? If you are treating numerous kittens, some preventatively and some for active distemper infections, we recommend obtaining our tiny empty 1/2 ounce or 1 ounce dropper bottles, so you can split the herbal remedies into separate bottles - possibly one for preventative dosing and the other for active infection dosing or so you can split part of a bottle to give to someone else who is treating kittens in another location: home, shelter, or rescue. This helps prevent having to purchase 2 or 3 bottles of product, if you really don't need that much.

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Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Do not give to cats if pregnant or pancreas or liver disease is present.

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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