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100% Pure New Zealand Colostsrum


SEDONA LABS 100% PURE NEW ZEALAND COLOSTRUM ~ Hormone Free, Antibiotic Free, & Pesticide Free, simply the best 100% New Zealand Colostrum! Start at the beginning - Life! Colostrum is the first food of life! Intended to be the first substance a newborn ingests, it is beneficial for all ages. Immune and growth factors in 100% New Zealand Colostrum provide essential nutrients needed for immune system and health.

100% New Zealand Colostrum is the nutrient rich, pre-milk fluid that is secreted by the mammary glands of female mammals to nourish their young. Immune and growth factors in colostrum provide newborns with essential nutrients needed to begin healthy lives.

Colostrum has been used for thousands of years to help maintain the health of people worldwide. Supplementing one's diet with 100% New Zealand Colostrum can help restore and sustain health. Bovine (cow) colostrum, from which 100% New Zealand Colostrum is derived, is nearly identical to human colostrum, but research confirms it is four times richer in immune factors than human colostrum. Best of all, bovine colostrum is beneficial to all mammals - humans and pets as well!

Immune factors in 100% New Zealand Colostrum can help balance and support a healthy immune system, which is the key to good health. Growth factors supply the necessary building blocks for newborns, enhancing the growth of cells, muscles, tissue, bone and cartilage. As we age, our bodies produce less and less of these vital factors, increasing signs of aging and making it more difficult for us to fight disease.

Pollution, toxins, carcinogens, smoking alcohol, and overuse of antibiotics can lead to a decrease in our immune response, resulting in disease. 100% New Zealand Colostrum can help restore the body's ability to function properly in newborns, young children, and adults. It works especially well for our beloved pets too!

All humans are exposed to these deadly invaders throughout their lives. Unfortunately, these days, they are in the air we breathe and the food we eat. When our bodies are healthy, our immune systems fight off these pathogens without needing any help. However, if our immune systems are compromised in any way (which is unfortunately true for many of us), colostrum can help our bodies restore proper immune function.

Most experts agree that the majority of health related problems begin in the gastrointestinal tract. 100% New Zealand Colostrum helps inhibit the binding of pathogens to the bowel lining, so they are unable to proliferate. Keeping healthy people and pets healthy!

There are over 90 known components in 100% New Zealand Colostrum. The primary components, divided into two classes are Immune Factors and Growth Factors.

In normally healthy individuals colostrums immune factors may:

  • Support immune function and inhibit the binding of harmful pathogens (or invaders) to the GI tract

  • 100% New Zealand Colostrum contains over 20 antibodies to specific pathogens including: E. coli, salmonella, rotavirus, candida, streptococcus, staphylococcus, H pylori, and cryptosporidia.

    In normally healthy individuals Colostrum's Growth Factors may:

  • Help build and restore bone, muscle, nerve tissue, connective tissue, skin and cartilage.

  • Help increase lean muscle, help the body burn fat for fuel, and assist in wound healing.

  • Help slow the signs of aging.

  • Help regulate serotonin and dopamine (the "feel good" chemicals) in the brain to help brighten mood.

  • Assist in the regeneration and improve normal growth of aged or injured muscle, bone, cartilage, skin collagen and nerve tissue.

  • Help burn fat for fuel instead of muscle tissue in times of fasting (diet), and build and retain lean muscle (non-diet).

  • Help maintain already normal/healthy blood glucose levels and "brain chemicals", supporting alertness and better concentration.

  • Support skin health when applied topically.

  • Help repair our body's precious RNA and DNA.

    Adult use: 1 teaspoon (1/3rd scoop) once daily on empty stomach with 8 oz. of water or as directed by a health care professional. Athletic use: 1 rounded scoop in protein drink, milk, or water. May also be mixed with other foods or beverages. Take 30 to 45 minutes before exercise. Children (6-12 years) & Pets: 1/3rd teaspoon per 25 lbs. of body weight mixed with beverage, placed directly in the mouth, or sprinkled on food. Horses 2/3rd tsp. per 250 lbs. of body weight. Topical use: Apply powder directly to cuts, abrasions or irritable skin conditions. Apply directly to gums in cases of sensitive teeth and mouth sores. Double maintenance dose when dealing with dis-ease.

    Most animals love this nutraceutical grade 100% New Zealand Colostrum, so dispensing to them is easy without capsules. Humans, place desired amount under the tongue, wait 30 seconds, and follow with a glass of water. Terrific immune system enhancer/booster. Hormone, Pesticide, and Antibiotic Free.

    Do not accept anything less than 100% Pure New Zealand Colostrum!

    6.3 oz. size contains 90 servings
    24 oz. size contains 340 servings

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    100% PURE NEW ZEALAND COLOSTRUM 6.3 oz. (MSRP $71.99) - $59.99 $49.99
    (2) 100% PURE NEW ZEALAND COLOSTRUM 6.3 oz. (MSRP $143.98) - $99.99 $95.99

    100% PURE NEW ZEALAND COLOSTRUM 24 oz. (MSRP $129.99) - $109.99
    (2) 100% PURE NEW ZEALAND COLOSTRUM 24 oz. (MSRP $259.98) - $219.98


    Symbiotics Colostrum Plus© is 100% pure bovine colostrum from pasture-fed USDA Grade A dairy cows guaranteed to be free of hormones, pesticides, antibiotics and rBST. Colostrum Plus© only uses contents from the first two milkings within 0-6 hours after birth to maintain nature's perfect balance of immunological and body regulating active proteins.   More Symbiotics Colostrum Plus© information.

    SYMBIOTICS COLOSTRUM PLUS© 2.25 oz. - $22.99 (MSRP $29.99)
    SYMBIOTICS COLOSTRUM PLUS© 6.3 OZ. - $39.99 (MSRP $49.99)
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    Bovine Colostrum, Nature's Forgotten Miracle, by Stephen Blake, DVM.

    100% New Zealand Colostrum Testimonials:

    Below are photos of a labrador retriever who lives in Colorado. His human guardian buys 100% NZ Colostrum from us, 2 - 24 oz. containers at a time. He had just ordered the 100% NZ Colostrum and then called to order more less than a week after his previous order. I asked him what happened and he forwarded the following photos. Apparently, his mail carrier left the colostrum package at his front door and his labrador decided to open it for him and proceeded to open the jar of colostrum and consume it (as evidenced in the photos). So, please be careful and keep your colostrum jar out of reach of your canines. One of the many great benefits of colostrum is the fact that ALL dogs and cats LOVE it, but when they break into the jar unannounced, they can become colostrum thieves!

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