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    Panleukopenia     Symptoms

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Raising kittens naturally can take a little effort, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy and kittens stay healthy and well. Please follow the links below. Many have links to books and other websites that can give you more information that can help educate you about keeping your furry kitten happy, healthy, and disease free.

Raising optimally healthy kittens starts with the kittens parents and grandparents. Some people know who the parents of their kittens are, some don't. Either way, getting your kitten started on a better health program will help assure it stays healthy.

#1  As soon as your kitten starts eating on its own, give it food grade diatomaceous earth in their daily food. This will keep worms from eating them, their food, and/or sucking their blood and help prevent coccidia, prevent the need and use for traditional chemical wormers which are actual poisons, plus sweep some bacteria and viruses out of the system, as well as provide 15 vital minerals to keep young ones healthy and strong. DE can be mixed in 100% Pure New Zealand Colostrum and/or raw goat milk and kittens will lick it right up or it can added to their raw chicken liver, heart, gizzards, etc.

#2  Feed Species Appropriate Nutrition aka raw meat and bones for optimum health. Kittens who have just started to eat on their own love raw chicken hearts, liver, ground turkey, and similar easy to chew real human grade raw food. At 5 to 6 weeks of age, they can gnaw on raw chicken necks (mom's will clean up what the kittens don't finish) and by 8 weeks of age they consume the entire chicken neck by themselves. Most kittens can consume whole raw chicken wings by the time they are 3 to 4 months of age.

#3   If you have had issues with coccidia or giardia, see #1 above. You can preventatively dose with Kocci Free 2x/day for 10 full days starting as early as 13 days of age OR actively remedy coccidia and giardia by giving Kocci Free 4x/day for 10 full days.

#4   IF you vaccinate, consider Dr. Jean odds' recommended vaccination protocol for kittens, she recommends TWO Trivalent (distemper, herpes, & calicivirus) KILLED (NOT modified live) vaccinations, one at 8 weeks of age and another at 12 weeks of age. Give Vaccination & Wormer Detox for 1 to 2 weeks prior to getting vaccinations and for 30 days afterwards, twice/daily to help alleviate the stress on the body, help sweep the toxins from the vaccines out of the blood, liver, and lymphatic system.

#5   FELINE DISTEMPER PREVENTION: If you have previously had feline distemper on your premises, please read the information about organic herbal Kitty Distempaid & Vibactra Plus as these products are known to prevent feline distemper (aka feline panleukopenia) when kittens have been exposed to the virus and these organic herbal products can also help to heal feline distemper.

#6  Keep your cats and kittens free from fleas and ticks naturally with Flea Free, as soon as they are drinking on their own and food grade diatomaceous earth.

#7   Give 100% New Zealand Colostrum daily, especially great for weaning kittens, as it is excellent for to help strengthen the immune system and all kittens LOVE it!

#8   Be sure to change your kittens water bowl daily or more frequently if it plays in the water and gets it dirty. Plenty of clean pure fresh water is essential to pet health just as it is for people. Preferably do not give city tap water.

#9  Make sure your kitten gets plenty of good healthy exercise. For proper growth and healthful longevity, daily exercise is essential for everyone.

Kitty Distempaid & Vibactra Plus can help kittens overcome feline distemper and be used as a preventative.   More info about Kitty Distempaid and Vibactra Plus.


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