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    Panleukopenia     Symptoms

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What are the symptoms of Feline Distemper?

Signs of feline panleukopenia can vary in severity from very mild to severe. The many signs are not always typical and many owners may even believe that their cat has been poisoned or swallowed a foreign object. Because of this fact, treatment may be delayed or neglected. The first signs you might notice are generalized depression, loss of appetite, high fever, lethargy, vomiting, dehydration, and hanging over the water dish.

The course of the feline distemper disease may be short and explosive. Advanced cases, when discovered may cause death within hours. Normally, the sickness may go on for three or four days after the first elevation of body temperature. Fever will fluctuate during the illness and abruptly fall to subnormal levels shortly before death. Other signs in later stages may be diarrhea, anemia, dehydration, and persistent vomiting. Feline distemper is so prevalent and the signs so varied that any sick cat should be taken to a veterinarian for a definite diagnosis.

Feline distemper is very similar to parvo in puppies.  There is also the type of feline distemper that mimics canine distemper with neurological symptoms, where kittens can have seizures, tremors, and uncoordinated movements.  We have found the Kitty Distempaid & Vibactra Plus remedies help either form of feline distemper kittens recovery quickly.

Panleukopenia destroys tissues in the body including white blood cells. This leaves the kitten open for growth of bacteria or viruses. Cats that are treated early at the onset of the disease have a better chance of recovery than those who aren't.

Kitty Distempaid & Vibactra Plus can help kittens overcome feline distemper and be used as a preventative.   More info about Kitty Distempaid and Vibactra Plus.


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