Amber Glass Bottles


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These amber glass bottles are terrific for storing dried herbs, tinctures, colloidal silver, essiac tea, etc. You can make your own tinctures or store other natural health remedies safely and conveniently. All amber glass bottles are boston rounds and have black plastic phenolic lids, unless otherwise noted. The 8-ounce amber glass mister is fabulous and delivers a very light, quiet, and delicate mist. Excellent for misting the face or for animals, children, or plants who are shy of sprayers.

The tiny 1/2 ounce dropper bottles are PERFECT for splitting or sharing any of the 1 oz. Amber Tech Nutraceuticals for Pets tinctures.

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1 oz. w/Dropper - 1 each @ $3.50     Add to Cart

1 oz. w/Droppers - 5 @ $12.00         Add to Cart

4 oz. w/Dropper - 1 each @ $4.25     Add to Cart

4 oz. w/Droppers -  5 @ $18.50        Add to Cart

8 oz. w/lid - 1 each @   $5.00          Add to Cart

8 oz. w/Mister - 1 each @  $5.50      Add to Cart

16 oz. - 1 each @   $6.25  Add to Cart

32 oz. - 1 each @  $6.75  Add to Cart

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Colbolt Blue Bottles

2 Ounces Cobalt Blue Glass Bottles with Droppers

2 oz. w/Dropper - 1 each @ $ 4.50   Add to Cart

2 oz. w/Droppers - 5 @ $18.00        Add to Cart

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