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Kitty-DT & Vibactra plus ~
Kitty-DT & Vibactra Plus can help your kitten overcome the battle of the dreadful disease feline distemper. The natural organic herbs have have been tested and proven beneficial in the treatment and prevention of the feline distemper disease. MORE Info...

Natural effective treatment & prevention for feline distemper!
We are not vet's, but we have worked with many distemper kittens. Many have asked for us to put together helpful ideas, thoughts, and experience in healing distemper kittens. As such, this is the beginning of our feline distemper information. More Healing Feline Distemper Information...


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What is Feline Distemper? Feline Distemper (Panleukopenia) is a viral disease affecting domestic cats and all other felids (e.g., lions, tigers, and other wild cats), as well as raccoons, and mink. MORE Info...

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Healing feline Distemper at home

There are many dis-eases that can mimic distemper. Some of these diseases are viral, some bacterial, others are worms or protozoan. More Healing Feline Distemper Information...

Healing Feline Distmeper At Home

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

But my pet tested negative for worms...I am not sure which is worse - chemical wormers that aren't effective OR the fact that fecal tests that indicate whether or not people or animals have worms are only 20 to 25% accurate!!...More Diatomaceous Earth Information...

Safe, natural worming with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Kitten Health

Thick clouds of steam were pouring off the wreckage, and through the tumultuously whirling wisps I could see, intermittently and vaguely, the gigantic limbs churning the water and flinging a splash and spray of mud and froth into the air...More Diatomaceous Earth Information...

Naturally worming with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth

Natural Pet Nutrition

So what's a natural rearing diet? What would your animal normally eat in the wild or a closely simulated diet? For instance, dogs and cats are carnivores. Prepackaged feeds are full of preservatives and "dead" food/nutrients with no vital life force left in them. A raw diet or biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) diet is ultimately best for them. READ MORE Info...

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Please take your time and thoroughly research the things you have come here for. Longevity and superior health is what you will gain, as will your companions...READ MORE Info...

Animal Vaccines

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Visit Our Holitic Health Library. You will find links to the information we have gathered over our many years of experience using holistic treatments...ENTER Our Holistic Health Library...

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